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Regional Car Control Station


Machines which can lift from 4 to 80 tons

International and national transportation service

The basis of our company is different articles transport – 40 vehicles is usage: semi articulated lorry with silo. The most important role is co-operating with the Nitrogen Company "ANWIL" S.A. – basically removal of the PCW and granulates. In the modern containers – silo of 52-60m2 capacity, using the "‘Renault" vehicles equipped with the GPS, many different loose articles are transported, such as: vinyl polychloride, polyethylene, polypropylene, chalk etc.

We also transport food products: corn starch, sugar, corn, feeding supplements, cereal etc. We specialize in the liquid-chemical ADR transport and food products using the 30 000 liter tanks. PW "Euro-Transchem" co-operates with many international companies, which have solid and stable position on the European Union market, this transportation companies are:

WIZET Sp z o.o.

The result of the marketing is also co-operation with the few companies from the Middle and East Europe.

Furthermore, we have to put emphasis that our ‘Euro-Transchem’ company transports products on the Poland – West Europe route for couple of years now, but we keep our identity, which means that we transport products under our trademark. It means that we not only provide high standard but we also fulfill our client’s wishes.

Transport complies to the requirements of the Integrated Managing System – of the quality, environment and work hygiene according to the PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 / PN-EN ISO 14001:1998 / PN-N-18001 standards.

Technical and exploit base takes 35000 m2.

Specialistic equipment

Important proposition in our offer is technical lifting equipment. We have machines which can lift from 4 to 80 tons, and have very well working parameters, therefore they can be used in very hard and complicated building – repairing operations.

Our employees have many years of a good experience, achieved during building and repairing, especially in the chemical branch.

Car and lorry repair service

Our workshop has 2000m2 with six lorry repair stations, seven car repair stations, electric stations, common room, scrapping treatment, car and lorry wash and vehicle diagnostics.

Moreover, to know the new technique and keep our service on the highest position, we provide our employees many schooling courses and new equipment in our repairing stations.

It resulted in granting our Car Station Service the Integrated Managing System– of the quality, environment and work hygiene according to the PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 / PN-EN ISO 14001:1998 / PN-N-18001 standards.

Car station service and technical equipment offers:

  • service and repair of cars, lorries, buses, tractors,
  • service and repair of trailers, silos and cisterns with the possibility to prepare vehicles to be checked by the Inspectors of the Technical Transport Supervision,
  • service and repair of the lifting machines, fork lift, gantry etc. which are under the Technical Supervision Office, gas installations in cars,
  • general and specific fork and platform lift repairs,
  • vehicles wash.

PW "Euro-Transchem" is also:

  • authorized RENAULT TRUCK car service and Lublin, Honker,
  • Regional Car Control Station – technical support of all vehicles,
  • Petrol Station – driving oil sale in the automatic giving petrol system.

Would you like to drive safely and resolutely?

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